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Title Speaker
Keynote #1: Not in Kansas anymore: Bringing sexualities into Music Studies Susan McClary
Keynote #2: Discovery and Challenges in Studying LGBTQ Issues in Education George Wimberly
Keynote #3: Who am I, anyway? Critical ontology, queer pedagogy, and radical love Elizabeth Meyer
Keynote #4: Fractured (fairy) Tales: In search of Transformational Spaces in Music Education Randall J. Allsup

Panel Discussions

Moving Forward: Exploring an Agenda for Research, Practice, and Activism among LGBTQ Allies in Music Education
Dominant and Marginalized Narratives in Music Education: Intersections of Religion, Spirituality, and Sexual/Gender Diversity in Music Classrooms
Strengthening the Learning Environment: Legal Dimensions of Diverse Student and Faculty Bodies

Paper Presentations

Title Author/s
Transitioning While Transitioning: Exploring the Perspectives of a Transgender Music Educator on Pre-Service Training and Entering the Field Sarah Bartolome
Come Out and Play: An Exploratory Study of Identity Development Among Gay Male University Music Students James Bowyer Kenneth Douglas
Deconstructing Musical Values – Orality and Inclusion June Boyce-Tillman
Finding Voice, Musical Theater, and LGBTQ Repertoire: A Performative Autoethnography Christopher Cayari
An Ethical Response to the “Gender Trouble” in Choral Music Patrick K. Freer
Ecstatic Abundance: Queer Temporalities in LGBTQ Studies Elizabeth Gould
Out In The Open: The lived-experiences of openly homosexual future music educator. Travis Hale
The True and Unutterable Great Sin: Heteronormative Discourse in The Etude Music Magazine Wm. Keith Heimann
“How Does That Apply to Me?” The Issue With Having to Translate Juliet Hess
Towards a More Inclusive Music Education: The Experiences of Mentorship Between LGBTQIAA Undergraduates In Higher Education Across Pennsylvania Edward J. Holmes Brent C. Talbot
Instrument Gender Stratification in the Lesbian and Gay Band Association Michael W. Hudson John Okley Egger Ann M. Harrington
Musical and Social Influences on Participation in a LGBA Community Ensemble Michael W. Hudson John Okley Egger
Creating Community and Identity Through Karaoke Performance in an American Gay Bar Jamey Kelley
Singing For Our Lives: Lessons From the LGBT Choral Movement Rita M. Kissen
“Therapy was writing rhymes”: Hip-hop as resilient space for a queer rapper of color Adam J. Kruse
The Me We’re Supposed to Be: Prodding Gender and Sex-Entity Justice Amid the Guise of Diversity and Inclusion in Music Education miroslav pavle manovsk Emma Joy Jampole
Masculinity and Music Class: Negotiating Gender Discourse in the Choral Classroom Nicholas McBride
The Lived Experiences of Two Gay Music Educators: A Comparative Case Study Sarah Minette
Transcending keys. Musician, Trans Woman, Advocate: The Musical Life of Lady Dane Joshua Palkki Dane Figueroa Edidi
Nothing to Say and Saying It: Queer Silence in New Music Scenes Jerry Pergolesi
Foreshadowing Future LGBT2Q2I Research In Music Education and Advancing a Research Trajectory Jared R. Rawlings Bruce Carter
Examining Homphobic Name-calling and Mental Health Indicators with Adolescent Youth Jared R. Rawlings
Decolonizing LGBT: Indigenous Music Education And Hawaiʻi’s Māhū Community Jace Kaholokula Saplan
LGBTQ Individuals’ Lived Experiences of High School Music Participation Fred P. Spano
Vocal and Social Integration of Transgender Students into Their Preferred-Gender Ensemble: A Qualitative Study of Two Transgender Students Danielle Steele
Adolescent Voice Change: Enriching the Conversation with Transgender Perspectives Bridget Sweet Louis Bergonzi
Where Are They Now?: A Follow-Up Inquiry With a Gay and a Lesbian Former Preservice Music Teacher Bridget Sweet Stephen Paparo
Trials and Triumphs: Reflections on Coming Out as a Gay Pre-Service Teacher of Faith Don Taylor
Exploring Processes of Secondary Choral Teachers’ LGBTQ+ Identity Revelation Carson Connor Zajdel